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As I explained in my last blog, my two projects at Shahi this summer have been focused on specific struggles that migrants at Shahi face and developing a standard health and nutrition guide for the creche (childcare) facilities at Shahi units. With our time at Shahi (and India) coming to an end, this is a […]

  When we first came to Shahi, we were presented with a list of potential projects as options for what we could choose to do this summer. Confused and overwhelmed, we weren’t sure how to narrow down what we wanted to work on when every project sounded like such a great idea. Our supervisors, Chitra […]

Please note that this blog post is to be the third entry in my blog series! Wow how time flies! Nearly four weeks have passed since the start of my internship with Naandi, and what an experience it has been.   Naandi assigned my co-intern and I our first project: to conduct an ethnography evaluating […]

Until I started my internship, I was not aware of the massive scale of the gold industry in India. The company I worked at, MMTC-PAMP, takes raw impure gold dore, refines it to purity, and sells it to vendors and individuals in the Indian market. During my internship, I examined the global nature of the […]

Last week we visited a school that Shahi has partnered with as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Shahi provides this school, and several others, with sports equipment, computers, science labs, and other valued resources for children. Part of our visit involved a ceremony of sorts, in which the program was explained in detail and […]

I can’t believe it’s come to an end. 10 weeks felt like 4 weeks. My feeling right now is a mixture of anxiety that I may not finish my project and of pride to have done something meaningful in life. The irony is that the more I approach the end, the better I understand what […]

When I first came to India, I was aiming to evolve and improve myself for the better. I wanted to develop a change in my perspective on the world and begin appreciating the significant things more after my time here. And although 10 weeks isn’t a short period of time, it isn’t necessarily that long […]