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Pictured LtoR Lavanya, Anant N.,Anant A., Lawrence, Josh, Gabby, Raisa and Chitra It’s hard to that I have been in India a little over a month now. It’s been a whirlwind of an experience working with Shahi. The first weeks have been spending time familiarizing with the interworking of Shahi. We have been exposed to […]

This week marks the fifth of my time in India, and it’s crazy both to think about how long I’ve been here and how long I have left to go. The past five weeks have been filled with Indian food, intense heat, and learning lots about SPS and the interconnectedness of their various programs. A […]

What can someone do in 10 minutes?   Run from Leidy to DRL? Sleep a little more after slamming the snooze button?   At the Aravind Eye Hospital branch located in Puducherry, India, 10 minutes is enough time to perform a cataract surgery.   After reading the articles and case studies about Aravind, I was […]

Sitting on the terrace looking at the beautiful mountain view of the Araku Valley, breathing in the fresh air and seeing the swaths of children running around during their summer vacation, I know that I made the correct decision in accepting this internship. A fellow CASI intern and I arrived at the Delhi airport via […]

I have been wearing the same pants and t-shirt for some days now (of course washing them every night), and I am pretty sure my fellow interns may think I have packed nothing but food on my 50 pound-bag. After my flight to Zurich got delayed 24 hours, and after spending one whole day roaming […]

During my application and interview process with CASI, our program coordinator, Aparna, encouraged me to do some research on Aravind. She told me there were a number of online resources like case studies and presentations on the NGO. I ended up watching a 23-minute video on YouTube entitled “Infinite Vision: The Story of Aravind Eye […]

It’s been three weeks now since I landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on May 20th. I arrived with two of my Shahi co-interns, Josh and Gabby (Lawrence had already arrived on a different flight earlier that morning). During the cab ride from the airport to the Habitat Centre, I remember being filled with […]