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Things to Bring to India Patience  Clothes that can get dirty  Birkenstocks or good sandals  A sense of humor Granola Bars Added bonus rain coat of umbrella  Things to Eat in India Mango Dosa Chai Kulfi pops Biriyani  Things to avoid in India Scams Street food if your American and have a weak stomach  Mosquitos  […]

The last day of my internship at Shahi was overwhelming in the best way. The OD team we had been interning with, along with other OD members from other factories in India, surprised us at the end of our final presentations with a farewell celebration. They decorated the room we were in with balloons, cards, […]

Now that I have finished my internship at Shahi and am safely back home, I figured there would be no better way to encapsulate my time in India than though music. So to to reminisce about the past 9 weeks and to help future interns prepare for their time in the country, here is my […]

I feel like the more I work, the more I learn about how to turn multi-work key terms into short abbreviations. it seems like every day I spend in India I learn a new acronym, and everything I do on my day to day at work involves a multitude of letters that to an outside […]

Meditation: a word often associated with deep thought, reflection and contemplation. For me, meditation means something a little different. Yes, I still consider meditation to be very thought-based, but it is my belief that practicing mindfulness is different for everybody. Some people may prefer the more traditional way of meditating, one where they sit cross-legged […]

I  went through my Instagram feed and found this post that I put up a few weeks back. The post is a compilation of a few pictures of Juliet and I in beautiful picture-perfect moments wearing smiles that describes happiness. In the first picture, we are in Taj Mahal, the second one somewhere in Delhi, […]