I have been back in the US now for a full three weeks, and today, I finished moving into my dorm in Rodin College House at Penn. It has all been a whirlwind- Madurai-Bangalore-Pittsburgh-Philadelphia- flying, driving, riding trains with some time at home sandwiched in between. The past three weeks spent at home have been […]

It has been ten weeks. My internship at Aravind is over, and I am on the verge of leaving India for home. The time has flown by. The first day of this journey, when I met Olivia at JFK and caught an Air India flight to meet up with the other CASI interns in Delhi, […]

How are there only two and a half weeks before the end of this internship? It is extremely scary to see the end coming into view; I cannot believe that we have been in India for over eight weeks. In my last blog post, I had written about a Japanese manufacturing approach called mistake proofing, […]

Week 4 at Aravind is drawing to a close (cue the perfunctory cliché about how fast time is flying), and there is much to report on from Madurai. This past weekend we devoted our Sunday off from work to travel. Busra, Olivia, and I went to the neighboring state of Kerala for the weekend to […]

I had to do a double take when I was writing the date for this blog post because I could not believe that it is already June 4. We will now be beginning week 3 at Aravind, and the work keeps rolling along. Beyond work, we have been trying to see some of Madurai. I […]

We have officially completed a full week in our internship at Aravind Eye Care Systems in Madurai. It has been an eventful week, replete with new streets, fun adventures, and some extraordinary heat. You hear reports about a heat wave striking India, but the truth is that the reality of the heat is tough to […]

Hi Everyone!  My name is Vivek Nimgaonkar, and I just finished my junior year at Penn. I am in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Life Sciences and Management Dual Degree Program, studying Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences and BEPP (Business Econ. And Public Policy) and HCMG (Health Care Management) at Wharton.    […]