I’ve had the opportunity to work outside of Aurolab. I have been in contact with Aravind Pondicherry to help improve Aravind’s Eye Camps. Dr. Venkatesh, the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) at Aravind Pondy, is working on increasing the early diagnosis of permanent blindness at eye camps so preventative measures can be taken for patients diagnosed with one […]

View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint I think I have had a decent exposure to all forms of travel within India, so its about time I write about the craziness that is India’s transportation system. Lets start with aviation. I think India’s aviation is pretty good. The airports aren’t as clean as other countries, […]

I have family all over India, specifically in Tamil Nadu. So one of the nice things I can do on the weekends is catch a bus to my relatives place. During the festival of Pongal, I decided to visit my uncle in India last month. Pongal is a major holiday in Southern India, it signifies […]

I came to realize while staying here in India, my perception of India is very different than other natives of India. It falls more in line with more conservative parts of India, like Madurai and parts of Tamil Nadu. This probably comes from the fact that every time I come to visit India, it is […]

One of two doctors doing glacoma screenings.Earlier this week I had my first exposure to the eye camps here in Madurai. Both me and Avilash, a Fulbright Scholar who is also working at Aurolab, had the opportunity to go visit one this past Sunday. Eye Camps are usually held in rural areas; however the one […]

I have visited a lot of hospitals and seen numerous surgeries performed throughout high school and college around Philadelphia. I even had the opportunity to see a cataract surgery performed in Bryn Mawr Hospital. Usually the average cataract surgery lasts 1-2 hours, requires a full operating room staffed with 3 or 4 nurses and an […]

First of all, super excited to be here in India! It has been a long awaited journey here to Madurai and I am finally ready to begin my project. I hate talking about myself, but a little about my past and my intentions through the Sobti Fellowship seem in order. I was born in Philadelphia but […]