Although I’ve been to India quite a few times before, saying goodbye this time was extremely difficult. My experience in India this summer was amazing. “Amazing” doesn’t even encompass half of the joy I feel when I reflect on my time in India. It was two months filled with constant exploration, exciting work, and quality […]

In addition to the beautiful culture and work ethic of India, one thing I have come to appreciate greatly is Indian efficiency. I’ve noticed that efficiency in India comes in many forms: whether that be sustainability to protect the environment, efficiency in the workplace, or efficiency in communication. Throughout my trip abroad, it’s been incredibly […]

Over my journeys across India so far, I’ve found that the transportation options are endless. Whether you’re looking for a quick and affordable ride in an auto (also endearingly referred to as a “Tuk Tuk”), a comfortable ride on the speedy Delhi metro, or a luxurious ride on one of the many air-conditioned trains of […]

Hi! My name is Himanshi and I’m a rising junior from Gainesville, Florida. This summer, I have the privilege of interning at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in Gurgaon, Haryana. A fair warning in advance, this post will probably feature one too many uses of the word “excited”. As I’m writing this introductory […]