It’s now been three weeks since I came back from India, and there are little things that still haven’t left me, like an inclination to drive on the left sided of the road (thankfully I haven’t acted on that impulse!) Coming back to a hometown that was largely composed of white senior citizens was a […]

I’m sitting here, at my desk at PHFI, on my last day of the internship. In an hour or so, I’ll have to clean up my desk, pack away my things for good (not that I have that much stuff. It’s mostly just a few papers, but it still feels weird), and give a final […]

As someone who loves fashion and clothing, coming to India has been a dream. Literally, I’ve been dreaming about the beautiful colors and textiles of India—wearing clothes and trying out styles here is so much fun, since there are so many more options here than back home in the US. Throughout my trip, I’ve been […]

I’m halfway done with my internship, and a large part of me is already disappointed about the prospect of going back home. It’s kind of like eating the first half of a Kit Kat. You know the end is near, but you still have enough keep you satisfied, at least for the moment. Being Indian […]

Hello world! My name’s Varshini Gali and I’m an incoming junior at Penn from Sarasota, Florida. At Penn, I’m studying Health and Societies in the College of Arts and Sciences. This summer, I’m interning at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in Gurgaon, a city near New Delhi. I’m here with my co-intern Hareena, and […]