I’m not sure why, but I have always found comfort in anonymity. In the U.S., I enjoy blending into my surroundings, just one person in a sea of others, each a little different but overall just another small piece of a much larger landscape. Maybe it is the introvert in me, but I have never […]

Hundreds of millions of Americans from all walks of life do the same exact thing each day, a careful ritual that they have done every morning since they can remember. They walk over to their dressers or drawers and put on the clothes they need to start the day, all without thinking too much about […]

Earlier this morning, I stepped out of a crowded bus and onto the familiar streets of Bangalore. Gabby, Raisa, Lawrence, and I had just weathered a fourteen-hour bus ride back from the coast of Kerala, an Indian state in the south-west of the country. Ambitious for a weekend trip, I know, but the opportunity to […]