It’s been a few weeks since I returned to the United States from my summer internship, and I continue to see how my experiences in India impacted who I am as a person and the person that I hope to become in the future. To sum up the last few days of my time in […]

It finally happened. We taught young girls volleyball. It is the last night of my internship here in Araku, and my departure will be nothing if not bittersweet. My co-intern, Gabriela, and I returned from a quick weekend trip in Mumbai to notes from our supervisor detailing how she would like our final report to […]

Please note that this blog post is to be the third entry in my blog series! Wow how time flies! Nearly four weeks have passed since the start of my internship with Naandi, and what an experience it has been.   Naandi assigned my co-intern and I our first project: to conduct an ethnography evaluating […]

As we cross the halfway mark of this journey, it beguiles me to think of the countless experiences that I have had in such a short amount of time here in India. Throughout these first five weeks, many personal and professional discoveries have been made. Prior to this internship, peers often referred to me as […]

Sitting on the terrace looking at the beautiful mountain view of the Araku Valley, breathing in the fresh air and seeing the swaths of children running around during their summer vacation, I know that I made the correct decision in accepting this internship. A fellow CASI intern and I arrived at the Delhi airport via […]

As I zip up my suitcase—filled with Chacos, a jar of peanut butter, and excitement for the impending summer—the realization that tomorrow morning I am heading to India for ten-weeks finally sets in. A mere two weeks ago, I was a college sophomore anxiously awaiting the end of another school year so that my summer […]