I grew up watching a lot of Bollywood movies. As a kid, I remember I used to be so fascinated by the palaces and the majestic beauty of kings and queens I saw in movies. When we (the other interns and I) decided to visit Jaipur over the weekend, I was over the moon.  As soon […]

5 weeks completed at work! I consider myself very privileged to be interning here at LEAP Skills. LEAP (Learning, Employability and Progress) is a start-up that aims to bridge the skill gap in India and arm the Indian youth with the skills they need to have access to aspirational opportunities and to build successful careers. […]

Indeed, time flies! It has already been 2 weeks since I arrived. Some parts of Delhi (just my house and the workplace) now feel familiar and safe. I am starting to get used to the extreme heat. The food is an absolute delight. I have eaten paneer, my favorite food, 5 times in 2 weeks,as compared to once in a […]

My name is Tashweena Heeramun and I am from Mauritius, a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar. I am a rising junior, studying Systems Engineering at Penn. I am very interested in programming and technology in general. This summer, I will use my skills to help make a positive and meaningful impact at LEAP […]