Its been about a week since I got back to Philadelphia. Everything still feels surreal. All my senses have finally calmed down after being on high alert for so long. It’s relieving. I walk around the streets and people don’t directly stare at me or sneak in a picture just because I look foreign. There […]

I  went through my Instagram feed and found this post that I put up a few weeks back. The post is a compilation of a few pictures of Juliet and I in beautiful picture-perfect moments wearing smiles that describes happiness. In the first picture, we are in Taj Mahal, the second one somewhere in Delhi, […]

I have officially stayed in India for a month (this post is long overdue). It’s been a tough five weeks but I am happy that I can say I have half-adjusted to this new environment. Adjustment is key here as everything is different. There is nothing that has smells of familiarity so far (other than […]

This is the third week in India. The heat is getting more and more intense, especially during the day. I cannot believe how much we are getting used to this temperature so much so that when a day hits 95 degrees, that feels like a day to get a chair, sit outside, drink chai while […]

It’s a few hours before my flight. I am feeling nervous as I pack in preparation for India- my new home for the next two months. I am anxious of the long flight ahead, nervous of the heat that I am about to experience and nervous of being the only black woman in many of […]