I’ve been back on Penn Campus for two days now and I have completely lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this question and how many times I struggled to find words to describe my summer. Do I start from the incredible systems Aravind has in place, the amount of information I learned […]

Arriving in Madurai, I was determined to create a stable schedule in order to find familiarity in the new environment. To my surprise, Madurai was very similar to Guntur – the town I grew up in as a kid. The people, the food, the scents, and the environment all seemed familiar with language being the […]

Like most of us, when I am unfamiliar or confused about something I turn to the vast and glorious world wide web in hopes that the gaps in my knowledge are filled. The prospect of spending nine weeks in India left me with ambivalent feelings, but alas, I knew that I could rely on the […]