Time to clock out. Oh wait, we stopped signing into work since the end of June. No card to punch in. Wow, that feels like a long time ago. As my moment at Aravind ends, a new one is beginning. But it’s hard to accept that and leave what was a deeply impactful experience. This […]

Liminal space: To be on the precipice of something new But not quite there yet To be frank, I did not know what a liminal space was before this trip. So thank you to Celeste and Manya :). But it’s a pleasant term to help shape this blog post rather than just call it a […]

Hello again! For this second blog post’s title, I wanted to take a page out of Into Thin Air. This is my acclimation process as I navigate different terrain than Everest. While my family and I usually visit relatives in India every other summer, it’s still a bit of a jarring but no less exciting […]

Hello everyone! I’m Suhaas Narayanan, one of the four CASI Interns at the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I’m a rising junior at Penn, studying Finance and Neuroscience, from Fort Collins, CO. It’s exciting to join the CASI Program to explore both healthcare and a new country in diverse contexts. A brief bit […]