Driving away from Coorg and this is one of those sweet flash in the pan moments that I want to hold onto forever… “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap pumping from the sedan stereo, driving through winding roads on mountain faces surrounded by the lushest, purest, untouched-by-man greenery and tall thin trees with their wispy […]

My first inkling that feminism in India meant a very different thing to what I had been exposed to in the West, came from the counseling sessions that were arranged by CASI before our trip to India. There, our director Aparna stated that she herself had had to adjust her version of feminism when visiting […]

dosa /ˈdəʊsə/ (noun): a pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses, typically served with a spiced vegetable filling (source: Oxford dictionaries)… and utterly delicious (source: me) When I told my Indian friends that I was going to be in Bangalore, they immediately instructed me to get dosas. Dosas are a south Indian classic and are centuries old – […]

As an Australian born Chinese with parents who exposed me to the negotiation strategies of Beijing’s Silk Street Market in early adolescence, I am no stranger to bargaining. And I had been informed extensively by almost everyone that as an obvious foreigner in India, I would constantly be ripped off. And they were right – […]

What lengths would you go to to see the Taj Mahal? If you were like most (sane) tourists, you’d probably do a 3 hour tour bus ride from Delhi to Agra, a half hour auto-rickshaw ride, and cough up the 1000 rupee foreigner’s entrance fee. But Angela and I, we’re not totally sane people. Oh […]