At the start of every August my family spends two-weeks vacationing in the Adirondacks. Always. No matter if every one of my siblings is at school or working, we always make time for our annual summer trip “up the mountains”. That is why, even though I just spent two months in India, I agreed to […]

Meditation: a word often associated with deep thought, reflection and contemplation. For me, meditation means something a little different. Yes, I still consider meditation to be very thought-based, but it is my belief that practicing mindfulness is different for everybody. Some people may prefer the more traditional way of meditating, one where they sit cross-legged […]

“How has Naandi changed your family’s life?”  A broad, and largely obscure question that both Emma and myself have asked almost 20 different coffee farmers and their families. Although we have asked many other questions during our interviews, this one best represents the true meaning of our work here in the Araku Valley. How has […]

*deep breath in* Smells of fresh dirt, impending rain, and farm animals With my eyes closed and my feet firmly planted on the ground, my mind travels 12,640 km to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York where my family has been vacationing since I was born. As a person prone to homesickness, my inner […]

Hello! My name is Sophie Walsh and I am a member of the Class of 2022 at the University of Pennsylvania. I am studying general anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences and I am currently considering taking on a religious studies minor. This summer I will be interning at the Naandi Foundation in […]