It sounds a bit obnoxious, but one of my favorite parts about living in India was eating food. Before traveling out of Delhi for the weekend, I would search up on the traditional foods of the area and rifle through google reviews and Zomato for the highest-rated places to eat. Travelling and food had always […]

Until I started my internship, I was not aware of the massive scale of the gold industry in India. The company I worked at, MMTC-PAMP, takes raw impure gold dore, refines it to purity, and sells it to vendors and individuals in the Indian market. During my internship, I examined the global nature of the […]

I became acutely aware of my reluctance to negotiate in everyday situations one day as I was waiting on an Uber for 20 minutes on my way to work. I often opted for Uber over going to the street to call an autorickshaw, or tuk-tuk, to avoid haggling for the price, and any miscommunication about my destination. […]

Who determines if a generalization about race is inappropriate? A colonial legacy shapes the way race impacts society today; during my time in Delhi, I have been challenged by people’s perception on race, but some of my experiences here echo conversations I have had with people in America. One day during lunch while we were eating […]

I don’t like making broad sweeping generalizations, but during this past month in India, I feel like strangers have been so helpful to me – whether it is with directions, helping me find change, or translating. Maybe it’s because I’m a desperate foreigner, but each time someone helps me, expecting nothing from me in return […]

Hi all! My name is Soomin Shin and I hail from Raleigh, North Carolina. I just finished my sophomore year at Penn and I am studying PPE, as well as pursuing a dual degree with Wharton. This summer, I will be at MMTC-PAMP in New Delhi.  Since middle school, I have wanted to travel to […]