By now you may have heard of Passport to India, a U.S. Department of State initiative to encourage and enable young Americans to study and intern in India. Founded by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is a sister program to the mobility initiatives 100 Thousand Strong to China and 100 Thousand Strong in […]

If you’ve spent a summer in India on a CASI internship or research assignment, you probably have an understanding of how valuable these experiences are. And unless you’re a jerk, you probably think more of your peers should take up similar opportunities in India! I first came to India on a CASI summer research grant […]

I recently read a Slate article on billion dollar problems. It gave 10 problems and suggested finding a solution to any one of these problems would make you a billionaire. But the problems given are not for Silicon Valley. They’re not even for Bangalore. They’re for rural India. For nearly all of the problems on […]

Nearly a year and a half of observing Delhi politics as a resident reaches a peak today as the city heads to the polls in the national election. Having listened to dozens of different theories on what the outcome will be in India’s fractious parliamentary system, soon enough it will all be clear. <Or not?> […]

“Anything you can rightly say about India, the opposite is equally true.” It’s certainly a convenient phrase and one I’ve heard often this past year. It’s short, attention-grabbing and draws a smile if not a laugh. After travelling to India for the first time on a CASI travel research grant, and having graduated from UPenn […]