Since my last post, I have been traveling around Karnataka – settling for the past two weeks in Bangalore. Most of the guidebooks tell tourists to skip this “center-less” capital of Karnataka but I have been pleasantly surprised: Bangalore –minus it’s traffic- is fantastic. On my first weekend here, I met up with artist Jasmeen […]

While traveling through Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, last week, I was reintroduced to Raja Ravi Varma’s  (1848-1906) “Ravana, Sita and Jathayu” at the Sree Chitra Art Gallery. I hope I know better than to express an opinion about one of the great Hindu epics, the Ramayana (i.e. no comment here on Sita’s version vs. Ram’s or the […]

Hello all!  My name is Sascha Hughes-Caley and I’m a graduate student in Penn’s School of Design. I’m originally from the DC-area, but spent a large chunk of my adult life in California and British Columbia before relocating to Philadelphia last summer. With a background in both the visual and performing arts, I am working towards […]