The food. Perhaps what I may miss most about India, haha. It is certainly a memorable part of my experience because: I found out I really like Indian food, and I can eat spicier than even some Indians (*cough* Reya *cough*) Somehow. SOMEHOW. By some miracle, Reya and I both ate hella street food / […]

An internship at an NGO in India is certainly a unique way to spend the summer. While most of my peers in Wharton seemed to be doing some sort of corporate internship at a known company in the States (usually finance), I admit that many times during my time in India and as well as […]

“You went to India this summer!??” The surprise and near wonder I hear in people’s voice is almost universal to the reactions I get when I tell people I spent my summer in India. Their reaction is very natural. There is something wondrous about traveling to a foreign (perhaps “exotic”) country, and moreso to spend […]

To be honest, this summer wasn’t the most ideal one, but I am grateful for my summer in India because I learned a lot during my time there — through the good parts and bad, the unique experiences and prosaic observations. Whether it was because I was able to see things through the lens of a […]

Hello from Delhi!! Reya and I came up to Dehli for the book launch of “Defying the Odds: The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs,” the book co-authored by CASI’s very own Professor Kapur and which touches on the work Reya and I have been doing with DICCI. We’ve also been able to take a few days […]

Starting a small business is hard enough. For Dalits — who are traditionally regarded as “untouchables,” as they were outside of the caste system and relegated to occupations that left them ritually unclean — it is even harder. In general, they continue to face overt discrimination, including a lack of trust in their companies or a […]

Making sense of a new country  It has been about a week since I’ve been in India, and Pune has been pretty different from what I expected. This, combined with my own thoughts on how I feel like to be the “outsider” (American + Chinese + Christian) led me to think more about how I […]

Hello readers! My name is Sarah Kho, and I’m one of two interns at DICCI in Pune, Maharashtra. I am a rising junior in Wharton, studying either Finance or OPIM, and minoring in Computer Science, and I am particularly interested in healthcare and international development. Although I am currently writing this on my first morning […]