It’s the day before we leave and I can’t think of non-cliché things to say. Honestly, waking up to realize that it’s Monday was hard to comprehend. So much has happened in the past few weeks, here are some snippets of those adventures: Brainstorming Health Workshop: I can’t talk about the last few weeks without […]

A new chapter in this internship- Nathalie and I moved into a house really close to the hospital. It’s definitely a whole new perspective from living in the office. We live in a neighborhood and actually are right next to a retired Indian foreign service officer- the neighborhood is called Mountain Melodies. This was the […]

It literally rained for 3 days and 3 nights. Incessant, unwavering rain. It’s a lot even for this region at this time of the year, an “early monsoon” if you will. Stepping outside, you would have absolutely been hit in all directions by the rain- as though it wasn’t simply falling, but aimed at what […]

Health camp week- in short we’ve visited around 5 different camps, each in 5 different villages. Each village had different issues but in all of them it was clear that the women that were health workers and ANM (auxiliary nurse and midwife) really cared and enjoyed their jobs. There was one ANM in particular who had a sort of […]

3 weeks into the internship, and I daresay project chosen! I’ll be working on/editing a training module for health workers on awareness of women’s health issues (focusing on the issue of sexually transmitted disease).  It looks like we’ll be exploring the health camps set up by the local health workers over the next week, so […]

We’ve been without internet for a while here at the Chirag office so blogs have fallen to the wayside. Looking back on how much I haven’t written about, I don’t even know where to start! The first few weeks, including the travel from Delhi were hectic to say the least-  Here we are waiting in […]

Just printed my ticket! With time flying this quickly at home, I can’t imagine how quickly it will go when there is work to be done, and experiences to be had. In terms of my state of mind, right about now I have butterflies and knots in my stomach, but oddly enough overlying it all […]