As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I was tying up some loose ends to my current empirical chapter during the summer. In this time I also went back to listen to some of the interviews I did last year in order to theorize more about the mechanisms that drive women’s political empowerment in the […]

This summer I have been working on tying up some loose ends on one of the empirical chapters from my dissertation. In this chapter I use a national level dataset and original qualitative interviews to establish how the effect of prolonged male absence due to migration on women’s political lives. Last summer I conducted over […]

Hi everyone! I am a rising fifth year in the PhD program in the Department of Political Science at Penn. I am excited to be joining the CASI summer program once again this year. My dissertation project looks at the implications of male migration on women in sending communities. Specifically, I am interested in understanding […]

This summer I conducted phone interviews with elites, frontline workers, and resident men and women in Bihar. The goal has been to to use this as a hypothesis and theory building exercise for my dissertation project. I have completed 20 interviews that have helped me hone research questions and also shed light on the lives […]

COVID-19 has laid bare the magnitude and ubiquity of migration in India. Various sources across different studies estimate there there are over 100 million migrants in India. Economic migration in India, like in other parts of the world, is also male male dominated. In my dissertation project I look at the consequences of migration in […]

Hi everyone! I am a rising fourth year PhD Candidate at the Department of Political Science at Penn. I grew up in Bombay, India and moved here to the US in 2017 to start my PhD. My research interests lie at the intersection of gender, urbanization and political participation in India. My dissertation project looks […]