So I’m back at Penn now, and have been for a month. Sometimes summer in India seems like an odd, if vivid sort of dream. Real life is surely not quite so chaotic, so colourful, or so crazy. The last large project we did before we left India was working on I-gate, a web portal for […]

These are the new lines on my resume: Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pune, India – Intern Researched and wrote proposal, agenda and 10 point memorandum for the new Indian NDA Government advising it on its forthcoming policies for the betterment of minority entrepreneurs Conducted primary research about the welfare and status of […]

[This post was meant to come up a couple weeks ago. Updates at end.] “Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” I’ve never understood American attitudes towards rain. India loves the idea of rain, and the coolness in the […]

So one of the conscious decisions I made this summer was to skip getting Internet in the room we’ve rented. We do have it in the office. Now I’m usually always, always connected. On my phone, on my laptop, on the train, while I’m running… I’m never away from the “ding” that’s a new Facebook […]

Wham bam here’s my second post this week. (Mostly cause I’ve been neglecting the blog shamefully. Sorry, all my dear fans I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath.) Anyway, Pune is great. We live in Koregaon Park, a very cosmopolitan area with plenty of cute little boutiques, great restaurants and international travelers. The area’s […]

In my earlier blog post, I described the mood of the country with regards to the new government as “cautiously optimistic.” Of course, that’s a gargantuan oversimplification, and the better term may be “conflicted”, especially among the youth. Many of the young people I know in India, though they acknowledge and appreciate Modi’s history of […]

It’s been an interesting two weeks in India. While some of it is incredibly familiar – writing reports and hanging around the coffee machine – some of it is so amazing different. As I write this, we’re eating coconuts and mangoes (mangos?) in the office. As a side note, I’m determined to prove to Sarah that Indian […]

It’s election day in India, and my family and I have been watching the results roll in for some hours. It’s a landmark vote and a historic period in India’s story, and it seems a fitting time for me to come home. This summer, I’ll be spending ten weeks in Pune with fellow soph Sarah Kho, […]