8 days ago, I finally arrived in the U.S. 5 days ago, I arrived on Penn’s campus; and in that time of a little over a week, I was bombarded with responsibilities of academics, appointments, and work. As I hastily met with my friends who were not already consumed by their own responsibilities, I was […]

In the beginning, I thought that 10 weeks would be enough for me to learn about everything that I wanted to and to be satisfied with myself at the end of my internship. As the end of 10 weeks approached, I started panicking. 10 weeks was just enough time to reel me into the wonder […]

Transportation in India is quite flexible. I was charmed when I first saw tut-tuts on the road. With only three wheels, no doors, and a handlebar instead of a wheel as a steering device, I was dubious with how nimble and swift this type of vehicle could be; but behold, it even overtook motorcycles! Most of […]

What can someone do in 10 minutes?   Run from Leidy to DRL? Sleep a little more after slamming the snooze button?   At the Aravind Eye Hospital branch located in Puducherry, India, 10 minutes is enough time to perform a cataract surgery.   After reading the articles and case studies about Aravind, I was […]

As unbelievable as it may sound, I didn’t acknowledge the idea of me being more than 7000 miles away from home until 5 days before I was about to leave. It just seemed too surreal. BUT, according to my calculations, 5 days gives me the glorious time of expediting my visa to Vietnam (3 days […]