This summer I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Shahi Exports in the city of Bangalore, the bustling South Indian metropolis also known as the Garden City, Pub City, and IT City. It has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past twenty or thirty years and shows no sign of stopping — and its identity keeps […]

Seeing that I am now eight thousand, five hundred and seventy-two miles (that’s thirteen thousand, seven hundred and twenty-two kilometers) away from stifling Sarjapur traffic jams, trendy Koramangala shops and eateries, meaningless H&M codes of conduct, hazy Indiranagar afterparties, lazy Cubbon park picnics, seemingly oblivious cows on the road, startlingly sweet (but oh-so-satisfying) Richmond Road […]

As we finish up breakfast, my three co-interns and I desperately try to secure an Uber that will take us the entire 7 km (a little over 4 miles) from our apartment in Ejipura to our office in Bellandur. The reason we’re trying so hard? No one wants to drive 7 km in Bangalore morning rush hour traffic.

I never thought I could feel so strongly about a certain place until I arrived in India for the very first time. Since stepping outside of Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai, I’ve relearned how to cross the road, tried some of the best street food of my life, totally reevaluated my concept of personal space, […]