Most Sundays, Alex and I normally venture out into the city and look into something in its streets to witness, appreciate and sometimes, understand. This particular Sunday (20th of July) did not disappoint. After lunch with our supervisor, Chikita, we visited Ferguson College. We walked around its campus and quickly learned about similarities and difference […]

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, our host organization has been great to work with. Not least of all, because they have allowed us to not only integrate ourselves into the organization’s inner workings but allowed us to independently pursue our own projects. Alex has been working to revamp the assessment systems […]

In Bolivia, we have a saying. Normally, gente means “people.” When you refer to an individual as gente, you are emphasizing the depth of one’s character. Typically, it is a validation of one’s integrity. In Goa, I met some gente. Throughout our stay in Goa, we slept in classrooms. It just happened that a boy’s […]

Hello all! I hope everyone is holding strong through this monsoon season. I wanted to fill you guys in on my past journey to the state of Goa. Because there is a lot to be said, I am splitting the blog into two: the work/experience and then the people. In the last few weeks, I […]

2 Weeks of Observations    Now that I have been in Pune (pronounced Pu-na or Pu-nay depending on where your from) for a little bit over two weeks, I can confidently say that this place is a hybrid of urban and pseudo-suburban life.  In other words, Pune is a visitor’s delight; you can potentially experience […]

Hello WORLD! As I reflect on my first day in India, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Paz and I am beyond excited to see what this summer has to offer. Before I talk about my internship, I want to list some relevant information about myself: School at […]