The first sensation we felt after a 1.5-hour flight from Mumbai was the cool kiss of a Bangalorean breeze on our rosy cheeks. After the stuffy humidity of high monsoon season on the coast, our return to the mountains was a refreshing experience. I hadn’t realized how much this city has slowly grown on me, […]

I’ll start my blog post by giving a little background on these past few days. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Darjeeling in the Himalayas, which took my breath away with its beauty and majesty. The region was like a different country within India, and I could go on and on about the […]

There’s something awe-inspiring about the mountains that touches everyone universally. Standing at an overlook, I was taken aback by the green abundance and the wispy blue sky; I felt simultaneously tiny and powerful. I was tiny because the valley that spread at my feet contained thousands of people—their stories, fears, and dreams. The view rolled […]

“And guess what? It wasn’t even beef!” Venkat ended darkly. All six interns sat around a table, sipping afternoon chai and sharing stories. Venkat was referring to an incident last year, when a Muslim man was beaten to death and his son severely injured in a village outside of Delhi because his neighbors suspected he […]

Isn’t it funny how time is subjective? It feels like I’ve been in India for far longer than two weeks, just like the time it took to start this blog post felt like months. Three-hour train rides go by in minutes. My perception of time is shaped by the endless new experiences bombarding my senses […]

Hey everyone! Greetings from the small suburb of Ellicott City, Maryland! My name is Tina and I’m a rising junior concentrating in Finance and Social Impact with minors in International Relations and Religious Studies. I’m beyond excited to be working in Bangalore with Janalakshmi this summer. Janalakshmi is a microfinance company that falls under the […]