Imagine you’re driving home late at night. You’re minding your own business when suddenly, you’re startled by another car’s high beams as the driver zooms around a corner. While grumbling to yourself about the other driver’s lack of consideration, you return your focus to the dark road ahead of you. You’re disoriented for a few […]

Are you surprised that I started my first CASI blog post of 2017 with an ophthalmology pun? Probably not, if you’ve read my previous posts. To quote my last post from August 2015: “It’s unclear as to when I’ll return to India, but I’m confident that it’ll happen someday.” Fast forward to May 2017, and […]

While in India, Busra, Vivek and I discussed how this entire experience would feel like a dream when we arrived back in the United States. Our foresight could not have been more accurate. It’s not that the powerful memories of our crazy and exciting experiences have disappeared; I just have difficulty recreating how it felt […]

Dear India, Before hopping on your luxurious (lol) national airline in May, the extent of my knowledge of your complex and varied culture was from restaurants, a handful of friends, approximately 2 actual Bollywood movies, and Slumdog Millionaire. I can confidently say that after spending 10 weeks wandering through your chaotic streets, enduring your heat […]

(My apologies, that couldn’t have been cornea if I tried. Okay I’m actually done now.) I haven’t really accepted the fact that I’m coming back to the United States in a matter of days. This week has been filled with excitement and activity, furthering my denial about leaving a country that I’ve grown surprisingly accustomed […]

Tamlish, noun: Tamil + English, a word to describe my attempts at forming cohesive sentences in Tamil with a heavy American accent and severely lacking vocabulary Positive reinforcement is a great way to convince children to listen to their parents, to make pets to behave, and as I recently discovered, to encourage me to use […]

(Can’t stop won’t stop with the punny titles) Since my CASI internship is approximately halfway over, I suppose I should at least talk about the reason I came to India in the first place: to pet elephants my project! I’ve been spending excessive amounts of time with Hepsiba, Nithya, and Sakthipriya in the Aurosiksha office. […]