I have been back just a little over a week now from India. Daily life has changed so much! The yodels of vegetable vendors no longer marks the beginning of my day and the howling of stray dogs no longer marks it’s end. I’ve gone from taking rickshaws into unfamiliar terrains back to walking familiar […]

As my almost 3 months in India come to an end, I thought about making a compilation of new things/concepts (to me at least) that I came across in India! Sustainability Features Across the different regions of India I encountered, I was pleasantly surprised by different systems in place that promoted sustainability. This included toilets […]

EXPLORING Outside of work travels, Gurgaon itself has had a lot to offer. In our neighborhood itself, we initially made it a routine to take advantage of the “cooler” morning weather (usually 90°F/32°C) and head to the Joggers park around 7:45/8:00 A.M. In addition to making rounds around the park we also tried out the […]

It feels very odd to think that almost a month has already passed since my arrival in India. Despite how full of excitement, new experiences, and new memories it has already been, the days left here seem fleeting. Because of the amount of content in the past month, I’ve thought it best to split the […]

Hello! My Name is Nikita Patel and I will be interning with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in Gurgaon, Haryana this summer! I am studying Nursing and minoring in Global Health in Penn’s class of 2024.  Home for me is Lexington, KY. It’s also where my parents endured most of my pre-travel jitters. […]