For my final blog post I though I’d talk a little more about my trip to Delhi, as it was one of my favorite experiences of the summer. With some of the other interns, I took a weekend trip to the capital. Much larger and a little more chaotic than Chennai, Delhi was a fun […]

  After 10 weeks living, working and traveling in India, I’ve spent the last few days relaxing and unwinding at home. As summer comes to a close I feel very grateful for the whole experience and glad that I signed up for the CASI program. While I have visited India many times before, this summer […]

After a few days in the field (mentioned in my previous post), I was quite happy to get back to the city and closed out my final workweek here in India. Prior to this internship I did not know what to expect from Chennai, or Madras as people like to still call it. I knew […]

In our final week with IRCS, Leah and I got a chance to visit the field! This was something that kept getting put off, due to our supervisors’ busy schedules. But, eventually, we made it to the primarily rural district of Thanjavur for 2 nights and 2 days. About a six hour train ride away […]

When most people ask me what IFMR Rural Channels and Services does, I say “It’s basically Rural Banking. They give India’s poor access to many of the same banking services you or I would get if we opened an account with an HSBC or PNC.” And, for the most part, that’s exactly what it is. […]

Every 4 years the months of June and July become extremely exciting and action-packed as the World Cup kicks off, and I love it. As a soccer fan I get swept away with just about everyone else in all the excitement, drama, tension and celebrations. The start of this tournament has definitely been the biggest […]

I frantically paddled until I heard the words, “Pop up!” At that point, I jumped up and turned my body right as quickly as I could, bending my knees, keeping my back straight and holding my arms out. I half expected to wipe out immediately, but the wave carried me close to the shore with […]

Hey! My name is Nikhil Devnani and I’m a rising Junior at the Wharton School. I intend to concentrate in Finance and Operations, though that may change in the coming semesters. A week and a half of stressful reading days and four finals later, I find myself relaxing at home, in Dubai, catching up on […]