A few weeks back I feel to the southern portion of India to spend the weekend with my fraternity big, Aaron, and his mom, Audrey, in Pondicherry. I left Delhi super excited to explore a new part of India with two of my best friends. Yes, both my friend and his mom are my best […]

Reflecting back on the first project I did at MMTC-PAMP, I feel accomplished and proud. My co-intern and I, Soomin, were assigned a project that focused on the analysis of over 200 operational risks at the firm. For this project we worked with two MMTC employees for approximately 5 weeks. The project began with us […]

My journey to India this summer started with a discussion I had with Camillo, my fraternity brother who participated in CASI last year, and Aparna, the CASI director, inside of Perry World House last semester. Fast forward to the middle of Spring, my interest to spend the upcoming summer in India at the CASI Program […]