I’m approaching the three month mark and I haven’t really shared much of my experience with many people. I’ve been processing this change of environment before trying to convey it to others. I also get distracted by the things going on directly around me, like the chipmunks scaling flimsy branches outside my window or invitations […]

First, a quick re-introduction — My name is Nathalie Figueroa and I graduated from Penn in May 2015 as a Health and Societies Major. I was born in El Salvador and grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Miami, Florida. My parents’ love for travel quickly became an uncontrollable passion of my own and has […]

Imagine second after second collapsing on your shoulders like boulders of hopelessness. Imagine the security of your life escaping from your reach, sliding out from underneath your feet, literally. You try to escape your imploring home immediately realizing you will never return. The last sight of your family was shrieks in the darkness. Imagine the […]

Riding on the back of motorcycles around the winding roads escalating to the heights of the Chirag Hospital are adventures of their own! However, I want to announce the personal and academic adventure that will guide my summer at Chirag. I will be focusing on water-borne diseases and the burden of illness. I will be exploring preventive health seeking behavior, […]

  Sizzling Orb, Pink zest Orange crest Red core Orb, A 10,000 year epic the Indian sun Sun I had never seen Son of the Gods, and it escaped and encited Commotion The motion of below It ignited, the fire under us. I stopped. Lost, confused. I hadn’t stopped in days. Forced to think Lost, […]

After many time zones, landscapes, horizons, and different languages, I’ve finally established myself in one wonderful location. Waking up to the mountains of the Himalayan region in Uttaranchal is more than I could’ve asked for. My name is Nathalie and I’m the last to arrive at Chirag. I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking black coffee, running through prairies […]