So much has happened this summer that it’s been impossible to cover everything in my blogs! So, for this last blog, I’m going to throw together a bunch of random thoughts and lists to reflect on my summer. About My Project at Aravind: My project was about identifying new techniques for patient feedback collection. At […]

Before I came to Aravind, I wanted to know what kind of organization I would be spending my next 9 weeks at, so I decided to read Infinite Vision by Pavithra Mehta and Suchitra Senoy. The iron triangle-breaking, easily-accessible, low-cost, high-quality eye care that the book emphasized over and over seemed like a fantasy to […]

It’s now just over the midpoint of my time here in India, and so much has happened that there’s no way I would be able to fit it all in this blogpost! I’ve experienced so many different things in Madurai (both in and out of the office), but I have to admit my favorite moments […]

“Malayalam?” I asked the clothing store employee across the counter. She shook her head no. Disappointed and slightly frustrated, I switched back over to English to continue our conversation. From the moment we landed at Madurai International Airport, I heard the familiar sounds of mothers scolding their children for trying to run around and tired […]

Hi everyone! If we haven’t met before (in which case, I’m honored that you’re reading my blog!), my name is Nadha Illikkal. I’m from Andover, Massachusetts, a little ways north of Boston (Go Patriots!). I’m a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences (C’21), studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Health […]