By Sergio Mukherjee The difficulties of doing research in West Bengal are many:  very high temperatures (if you are there in the summer), poor public transportation outside major cities, general chaos, disregard for punctuality or ‘scheduled’ meetings, excessive verbosity or brevity on the part of interviewees, mosquitoes who work three-shifts a day around your ears […]

by Sergio Mukherjee In India, you can always distinguish a local from a traveler by a few obvious features:  dress, speech, walking speed, confidence, public throat-clearing capacity, street-crossing audacity, spitting shamelessness.  But there is also a more subtle way I noticed every time I was the local:  eye movement.  While local eyes tend to move […]

NOMOSH-Kar (It’s the Bengali way of pronouncing Namaskar). My name is Sergio Mukherjee, a PhD Candidate in the Political Science Department at Penn.  I am currently conducting my field-work in the state of West Bengal, and look forward to sharing some of my experiences, impressions, challenges and delights with you.  I thank CASI and Aparna […]