After a phenomenal ten weeks working under Professor Megan Robb and her incredible team on the Unstable Archives project, I have concluded my summer research internship! I can wholeheartedly say that it was a phenomenal experience that allowed me to take on a number of roles. From metadata creation to transcribing Elizabeth Sharaf un-Nisa Ducarel’s […]

It has already been over a month since starting as a Research Assistant for the Unstable Archives project under Professor Robb, and we have already completed several objectives on the agenda. Among the goals that we have met are transcribing the English-language letters of Gerard Gustavus Ducarel and coding metadata for each item featured in […]

My name is Michael Goerlitz, and I’m one of the research assistants working through PURM this summer on the Unstable Archives project with Professor Megan Robb. For the past few weeks, I have been contributing to the digitizing of the archives of a Persianate India woman named Elizabeth or Sharaf un-Nisa, who had left India […]