I’m currently sitting at home in Nashville, TN enjoying far too often taken for granted air conditioning, perfect wi-fi, and 70 degrees windy weather. I’ve only been out of India for a few weeks, yet it already feels so far away, whether it’s a result of drastically different cultures, climates, or plain geographic separation…I’m not […]

The car whirred through the rolling hills of Tamil Nadu, a mixture of exhaust and heat crept through the slightly cracked window, permeating the old suv fully equipped with trunk seats and a beautifully malfunctional AC unit. Sitting, or rather awkwardly laying, in the trunk, I looked out into the distance as my leg slowly […]

Because Jane, Abhi, and I have been talking mainly about our travels in these blog posts, we decided that it’s probably time for a blog post discussing our projects. It’s ok, Abhi will talk about Kerala in his blog post for the week. So currently we are working on three different projects. The first project […]

This past weekend Abhi, Jane, and I traveled with Erica, one of our friends that we met at Aravind from the University of Michigan, to Kodaikanal, a small city in the mountains. The trip was amazing and exceeded expectations by a mile. The weather, the scenery, the nature were all just breathtaking. A few things […]

So one of the most exciting things happened today. As Jane, Abhi, and I walked out of the Aravind inpatient ward, we saw a giant elephant casually strolling down the road with a little kid riding on its back. In the past few days, I felt like i had already gotten used to the busy […]

Hi, my name is Zach Chen, and I am from Nashville, TN. I am actually writing this blog post from the Mumbai airport because I forgot to write it before my departure, and this was the first time I was able to find internet! I am currently a sophomore at Wharton and the College of […]