I know the reasons I chose to spend my summer in Madurai at the Aravind Eye Hospital. When I look back at it, the actual ways in which Aravind is so unique and influential are clearer. Here is my pitch for why you should spend your summer at AEH.  Aravind is, at its core, a […]

I spent a lot of my freshman year at Penn struggling with the whiplash of being in a brand new country. As this year comes to an end, I continue to struggle to navigate my changing relationships to India and the US. I was afraid that acclimatizing more to my new surroundings — learning to […]

Some of the most interesting experiences this summer have come from seeing the Aravind model in action in a very wide range of places. I’m interested in healthcare delivery, and it’s been fascinating to see the different meanings their mission takes in different settings. There are many ways in which components of a system must work […]

In our last week at Aravind, we woke up at 6:15 am to go to a 7 am walking tour of Madurai. It was called Once Upon a Madurai, and it was organized by a company called StoryTrails, which Miral recommended to us. It was a very different tour experience from what you’d usually find […]

Hello! I’m Manya Gupta. I’m currently a rising sophomore at Penn in the College of Arts and Sciences, prospectively studying economics with minors in international development and chemistry. I’m an international student from Jaipur, Rajasthan. This summer, I’ll be interning at the Aravind Eye Hospitals in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, with Celeste, Suhaas, and Aravind. I’ve […]