I’m surprised by how quickly I’ve adjusted to being back in the States. It seems like my trip to India was a million years ago. The second I landed in the US, I immediately felt like I had never left. Now that I’ve been back on campus for a couple of weeks, I feel like […]

Last weekend I went to Agra. Agra’s energy was extremely similar to Delhi, in my opinion. I was immediately approached by rickshaw drivers once I got off the train. By “approached” I mean something more like harassed. As someone who clearly looks like a tourist, I have gotten used to being approached by locals trying […]

While planning my trip to Goa, I expected to be going to a relaxing beach town with grand, old Portuguese buildings. What I found instead was an eerily charming state with Portuguese ruins that were sometimes more run down than beautiful. There were small churches every mile or so that were often next to abandoned […]

I have been to Jaipur twice in the last week. The first time was with other CASI interns. The second was for work at the beginning of this week. I feel like I have seen two completely different cities, and two completely different interpretations of Rajasthani culture, on these trips. While visiting monuments and forts […]

Hello everyone! My name is Makeda Barr-Brown and I’m a rising Senior at Penn from Hartford, CT. I’m majoring in International Relations and completing a minor in History. Over the summer I will be an intern at LEAP Skills in New Delhi. My last couple of days in the States were jam-packed with last minute American […]