Hello CASI enthusiasts, I’m reintroducing myself since it’s been over a year since I last posted to the CASI blog.  My name is Kristi Littleton and I’m a recent Penn grad from the class of 2015.  I interned with Leap Skills Academy in the summer of 2014 and now I am currently working full time […]

  As I sit here thinking about writing my next-to-last blog post for this summer, I am thinking of all of the people that I have met while in India, because it is truly the people of any place that makes it what it is.  Though one may be inspired by the wonders of the […]

  India has many sides to it.  There is the less-developed city side where you see trash littered everywhere, human waste lying in the street, and dying animals covered in flies and maggots right next to the food stalls selling bhel puri and chole bathure.  There’s the more developed metropolitan city side where you see the efficiency […]

Working for a start-up feels a lot like thinking of a grand idea with a group of your friends and turning it into a club or project involving some common interests.  I say that because I once attempted to start a whistling a cappella group in high school and failed miserably when we found out […]

Courage is a strange thing.  I know many people who have courage.  They are not afraid of jumping out of airplanes thousands of feet above the ground.  They are not afraid of going far away from home to a strange place.  They are not afraid of spiders or snakes or walking home alone late at […]

I knew almost nothing when I stepped off the plane in India.  I had perused Leap’s website and read through the handout that CASI provided about my internship, yet I still did not really understand Leap’s mission.  Four weeks later and I think I’m starting to get a grasp of it.  When a liberal American […]

I’ve never traveled outside of North America before and I had definitely heard a lot about India before coming here.  The impressions I had of this country were that we would see a huge contrast between the rich and poor juxtaposed and that there were many dangers here from mosquito bites to chaotic traffic.  I […]

My names is Kristi Littleton and I hail from Culver City, California.  I’m a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn with a major in biology and minors in Music and South Asia Studies.  I am partnering with LEAP Skills Academy this summer and hope to pursue a career in education […]