Sorry this post took so long. It was actually more difficult to find wifi in countryside China than in India. But here it is! Enjoy. Being in a foreign country definitely comes with its fair share of hardships. It was difficult, even with the amount of help that I received; I have no idea how I […]

In my previous blog, I had the opportunity to begin portraying my involvement with a fascinating group of high school students through LEAP’s propeller program. The group of student has long graduated from this program, but the impact they have had on me is still as strong as ever. I hope that for some of […]

India is tiring! There’s just so much to do, from eating to playing to work, work, work! If you asked me to rank those from most fun to the least, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’d like to imagine my experience over here on a spectrum of with fun is on the very […]

India is busy. I mentioned this before right? Well, naïve was I to think that what I had seen before encompasses the scope of busy-ness. The scale of which is completely incomprehensible for those who have not tried to cross a bridge designed for walking pedestrians. This is what they call Lakshman Jhula or Luxman […]

India is hot. Like really hot. Like Philadelphia when you first get there your freshman year and you found out your made the poor decision of living in Hill …… except more hot. The instant that I finally set foot in Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, after an unfortunate series of twists and turns in […]

Namaste Everyone! (I tried 😛 ) My name is Bill He, but you can just call me Bill. That will work. I am originally from Beautiful Vancouver in Beautiful Canada, and I just finished my Freshman year, studying Computer Engineering in our Beautiful Engineering school at Penn. I will be spending the next 10 to […]