I watched my first Bollywood movie when I was 8.  Only ancient movies were available on that cheap bus that was taking me north of Lima to see my grandparents. After looking at the scratched CD’s for “Tiburón” (or “Jaws”) and “Misión imposible” (ok, that may be an easy one), the hostess decided to put […]

I remember when I used to hear about Economists when young. I was pretty sure they dealt with money, and that their aim in life was to make people earn as much money as they could. Little did I know I was going to choose this ‘money maker’ career later in life, and that it […]

I have been wearing the same pants and t-shirt for some days now (of course washing them every night), and I am pretty sure my fellow interns may think I have packed nothing but food on my 50 pound-bag. After my flight to Zurich got delayed 24 hours, and after spending one whole day roaming […]

Thinking back, I was not planning to go to India when I started the IIP application; I was just looking for a company that resonated with my objectives for the summer. After some weeks of ignoring CASI placements, I finally decided to open some and discovered that they were more attuned to what I really wanted […]