Sorry for the extremely late post! I had to give myself a bit of time for the experience of being in India to sink in while I’m here back in the U.S. I think being here in Philly for a little over a month now has given me time to reflect back on my internship […]

With just under four weeks remaining in my CORD internship, I have reached the peak intensity of my work in the field. But if I’m being really honest, it doesn’t feel much like work. When I think of the word “work,” it seems to me to have an almost negative connotation, as if to imply […]

Being in rural India has garnered me no shortage of stares, as my foreignness is easily visible. Stares on the packed bus, glances as I pass farmers trekking through the village, curious eyes in the dinner hall. Curious is perhaps the best way to put it. My initial reaction to these glances was slight unease, […]

FOOD! I love food. Food probably occupies somewhere in the ballpark of 70-80% of my thoughts during a given day, and friends who know me well can testify to that fact. But now that my project with CORD is on Nutrition and Food Security (hardly a coincidence), the situation has exponentially worsened. Currently, the only […]

It’s been over a week since my internship group set foot in the mountainous terrain inhabited by the villagers of Sidhbari and beyond in District Kangra. The sights are beautiful to witness. Vast, towering mountains with snow on the peaks, creating a sense of awe in the beholder that never seems to diminish. Farms with […]

Hi everyone, I’m Kurt and I’m a junior in the College studying Health and Societies with a concentration in Public Health, and a minor in Bioethics. My hometown is in Northern Virginia but I’ve also lived in Mauritania, Yemen, and Germany. This summer I’ll be interning with the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, or CORD, […]