In my first blog post at the start of the summer, I wrote about my aim to draft a chapter of my dissertation based on fieldwork conducted during the pandemic. As I started to outline this writing, I also noticed that several methodological questions were coming up for me again, particularly with regard to the […]

Since my last blog post, I have begun analyzing data from fieldwork conducted over the last year, and working toward outlining a chapter of my dissertation following this analysis. While outlining, I have been feeling a particular stuckness around writing about the fragmented nature of fieldwork during COVID-19. During this time, I have frequently returned […]

Hello! My name is Kim Fernandes and I am a joint PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development (Graduate School of Education) and Anthropology (School of Arts and Sciences). I am a rising 5th year and will begin writing the first chapter of my dissertation, which is supported by summer funding from CASI. My […]