Since 1990, Samaj Pragati Sahayog has worked to increase the number of irrigated fields in the Dewas District. SPS has done so through the construction of dams, wells, gabion walls, and other watershed structures in an effort to help farmers adapt to climate change. Previously, farmers in the area relied heavily on rainfall, which has […]

Nearly a month ago, I headed to Mandu with Andrew, Sasha, Nishtha, Prasann, Abhi, and Ashley. Nishtha, Prasann, and Abhi are SPS professionals who work with the organization’s Self-Help Groups, while Ashley was a Master’s research fellow from the University of Arizona. Although we were tired from a late night at the office the day before, we hopped […]

My hands strongly gripped the metal portion of the bike behind my body, as I rode down rocky hills, dirt roads, ponds, and paved streets. Although I spent only one day traveling to the field via motorcycle, I spent a week collecting case studies of the livestock, poultry, and animal health programs run through Samaj […]

I slipped off my sandals and stepped inside of the room. As I walked towards the woven rug in front of me, I could feel the coolness of the tiled floor against the soles of my feet. The fan whirled overhead, blowing strands of thick chocolate-brown hair across my face. Sitting cross-legged on the rug […]

Today marks my sixth day at SPS. By now, I have grown accustomed to the tranquility associated with rural Madhya Pradesh. Everyday, I wake at 6:00am to the sun slowly rising over the eastern farmlands, shifting the black backdrop of night into the baby blue of day. In the early morning, I often hear the […]

(My apologies for the very long introductory post in advance.) My name is Kelly Anne Bridges, and I will be interning for 10 weeks this summer in Bagli, Madhya Pradesh. I study Science, Technology, and Society (STSC) with a concentration in Energy, Environment, and Technology. Furthermore, I am pursuing a minor is Sustainability and Environmental […]