It’s hard. Okay, fine I know I can’t leave it at that. As an extrovert, I crave human interactions as a way to energize myself. Being alone too long leaves me restless and deflated. Another thing that I guess is interesting about this experience for me is that I’m used to talking through my experiences […]

This is basically a play-by-play of my last day in Bangalore so it’s long. I’m actually posting this now from Dharamsala because my WiFi previously was not good enough. Throughout the summer I’ve been trying this exercise of attempting to describe Bangalore in one word. I can never pick just one. Of course every city is […]

Content warning: This post is a discussion of anti-violence ad campaigns as well as sexual assault and rape culture with pictures of victim-blaming Public Service Announcements. The issues are mentioned without graphic details.  At Penn I do a lot of advocacy work against interpersonal violence. By this I mean dating violence, stalking, abuse, and assault […]

Before I left for India, my mom bought me a camera. It was half birthday gift and half incentive for me to document my trip so she could get a sense of it when I came back. I left with an immense sense of duty carried in the space of two large memory cards. I […]

mélange/melange: French word meaning “mixture” or “blend”  Geological term for a rock composed of many fragments Hindi word for “will meet” In Bangalore you will find road signs, stores, restaurants, etc., written in both English and Kannada, the native language in Karnataka. Most people here are “managing” multiple languages. Last Thursday alone I heard one of […]

Now that I am settled in Bangalore and being oriented to the Shahi garment exporting company, I thought that it would be nice to sit down and reflect on last week’s Delhi adventures. In short is was very very hot and I am so thankful to be in the much more temperate and nearly tropical […]

Hello followers of the CASI blog! My name is Kendra and I am excited to embark on the my biggest geographical journey to date – going to India! I am also very excited to share my experiences through blogging. As I quickly unpack from a semester at Penn and repack for the summer’s adventures I […]