What was most striking to me about India when I first arrived was the traffic. The unbearable honking, the fact that no one actually uses the lanes, the pollution, the cows and all the vehicles that read “Sound horn OK please”. I thought to myself “Why are they encouraging this sorts of honking? What is […]

In all of my experiences abroad, the dreaded yet essential question most people ask when meeting me is “Where are you from?” I usually reply with “I’m from the U.S,” and although it’s the truth, it doesn’t encompass all the truth. Having pondered my response to this question almost every time it was asked during my […]

I realize that with all my traveling and long days at work (I don’t leave the office until around 6pm) I don’t really get to explore much of Bangalore. However, every time I return  from one of my weekend trips I am so glad to be back, so I decided to take a break from […]

“Go ahead! Explore God’s Own Country” was the response that we got from our boss when we asked for time off from work to go to Kerala. I was very interested in going to Kerala because it would very different than most of my other travels (Mysore, Chennai, Delhi and Agra) which had been cities. […]

Being here in India reminds me of my childhood in the Dominican Republic. I drink coconut water whenever I feel like it, people drive motorcycles more than they do cars, the people have a warmness to them that makes me feel at ease and they are hardworking but not workaholics. But Bangalore is very different than […]

Today wraps up my second full week of work at Jana Urban Foundation here in Bangalore, although it feels like I have been here for more than a month. Coming to India I expected to adjust fairly quickly to the environment around me and the people that I would be interacting with. The places I […]

Hi! My name is Katerine Jimenez and I’m a rising senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and minoring in Consumer Psychology. This summer I will be interning at Jana Urban Foundation in Bangalore. I’m really excited to be working at Jana because I’m very interested in social impact and in business. Jana Urban Foundation […]