Exposure to multiple risk factors has negative effects on children, and adversely influences all avenues of a child’s life. Risk factors can range from exposure to political violence and forced migration from climate change, to unsafe cultural practices such as genital cutting (Belsky, 2012). The most prevalent risk in children’s lives, however, with a global […]

Scientific research assures the world of causality with the aphorism that the results were generated in a “controlled” setting. When medical researchers test drugs or behavior on lab mice, they measure their diet, their sleep patterns, their activity levels, as well as treatment dosage. Petri dish specimens get to marinate at length in climate-controlled conditions, […]

This is my second year as a CASI summer research fellow, and my second year researching a complicated behavior phenomenon and community in my hometown of Mumbai, India. This research is based in Mumbai’s Malvani neighborhood: the undefined borders of the same manage to pin the problem of assembling structure and amorphous meaning in social […]

Forward and backward translation of scales and questionnaires is the gold standard for implementing bilingual survey methods. Oftentimes, researchers and translates alike are left confused over navigating translations of questions and themes from English to other global languages. For example, the Goldberg-18 Depression and Anxiety Test features a question “in the previous 30 days, have […]

With the safety of conducting in-person interviews being jeopardized by the world-wide bug, we lost the opportunity of engaging with the Malvani community in their school and home environments. The RCT we are conducting in collaboration with Project Balika had to be remote in every way, so as to reflect the nature of remote access […]