As this summer comes to an end, so too does my work on Indian cultural heritage NGOs. Although the underlying basis of the project has been consistent over the past three months, my own conceptions of cultural heritage have certainly shifted. As I move forward into the academic year, it is these new understandings which […]

The end of July marks the end second month of my summer research on cultural conservation efforts in India. Over the past two months, I have built and expanded a database of local and international organizations that contribute to the preservation of the subcontinent’s built heritage. Driving this work is the desire to catalog the […]

Sometimes while I am neck-deep in human rights reports from the Hampi Bazaar demolition, juggling Hindi and English during an informant interview in Delhi, or falling down the digital rabbit-hole of corporate linkages, I realize how slippery the category of “cultural heritage” can be–and, as such, how complicated it can be to appropriately manage it. […]