Things to Bring to India Patience  Clothes that can get dirty  Birkenstocks or good sandals  A sense of humor Granola Bars Added bonus rain coat of umbrella  Things to Eat in India Mango Dosa Chai Kulfi pops Biriyani  Things to avoid in India Scams Street food if your American and have a weak stomach  Mosquitos  […]

One thing I knew when I started at Shahi was that 70,000 of Shahi workers were female. One thing I did not know when I started at Shahi was that in the last 10 years the female labor force participation rate in India has actually decreased. These statistics are important because empowering women is one […]

I wake up and start my day with our service apartments complimentary breakfast which includes 3 slices of white toast and omelette that contains eggs and onions. I have learned to love this breakfast. It is easy to obtain and reliable, things that are hard to come by in India. I had never been a […]

An Introduction to India I never thought I’d consider 85 degrees Fahrenheite cold, but alas two days in Delhi changed they way I thought about temperature. From the moment I stepped out of the airport into a city that was actually an oven too the flight to Bangalore which had broken air conditioning Delhi pushed […]

With T- minus 4 days until departure and still less than half of the necessary malaria pills, I thought I might as well introduce myself. Hi everyone, my name is Julia Schwartz. I am a rising junior from Berkeley, California in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in economics and minoring in statistics. This […]