After our internship finished, Veena and I had different plans as to what to do for the 3 days we had until our flight back to the States. We decided to spend one day in Mumbai, and part our ways until we met up in Dubai for our layover. Since my flight flew out of […]

If I had to describe my summer in India in two words, scrumptious and reckless would be them. My main goal was to experience as much as I could in the ten weeks that I had in this amazing country. Obviously, food was an easy way to be adventurous – there are 10 weeks x 7 […]

The second portion of my internship at Naandi Foundation has been documenting and profiling the participants at N-star centers in Hyderabad. N-star centers are spaces that the Naandi Foundation has provided with laptops and WiFi, books, and self-education materials. The target participants of the centers are female students between the age of 16 and 18, […]

For the past five weeks spent in Araku Valley, I’ve lost myself in the lush forest, friendly villagers, vivid sunsets, and cardamom-spiced local coffee. After the first part of our internship, documenting indigenous coffee farmers living in tribes in the Eastern Ghats mountain range, Veena and I returned to Naandi headquarters in Hyderabad last Friday. […]

Hello! I am Judy Choi, a rising junior majoring in Biology. After graduation, I hope to attend dental school. This summer, I’ll be working at the Naandi Foundation of India, where the headquarter is based in Hyderabad, Telangana. Naandi is a social sector organization focused on advancing the socio-economic standings of underprivileged populations. The foundation […]