So now I am home in Los Angeles and I am suffering a bit from a reverse culture shock. Its just two completely separate worlds and can you possibly bridge them? Well, my strategy over the last day and a half has been to look over the about 1000 pictures I took during […]

What would you do if random, probably rain soaked, people showed up at your door with a translator and asked to talk to you about your household’s details??? I am guessing that 99.99% of you would say no thanks creepy dudes, get off my porch; I know I would. Questions like, how much money do […]

The project I am working on is still going well for me; we actually have an influx of stove orders from the villages. They are selling like hot-cakes, or some sort of Indian hot-cake, maybe most closely exemplified by parathas. So this is going to be a busy week, going back to the villages and […]

             Ever since the first day I arrived at CHIRAG and laid eyes on Devrani, I knew we would have something special. Her fiery eyes and knowing smile drew me in. Over the last few weeks we have taken countless long walks and bonded over our similar taste in food. […]

            Lets start from Delhi. The searing heat combined with the sea of people that speed through the intricate patterns of the city make for an initially overwhelming experience. Imagine our small team of CASI interns trying so hard not to be “those” tourists. Well we obviously failed, as most of […]

My name is Jason Maccabee and I am leaving for India in two days and have not started packing. Some quick facts about me: -I grew up in Los Angeles -I spent 5 months studying abroad in Australia earlier this year and was able to travel for 3 weeks through Nepal -I love climbing, running, […]