As a minority in North America, I sometimes find myself thinking about how I SHOULD portray myself to be more compatible with western society. As a result, I observe myself fluctuating between instances when I would castigate my Chinese heritage to appear more “white” and other periods where I try to compensate by overly representing […]

   There is a quote that I remember reading that goes, “no one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” This is one of those phrases that we don’t quite know how to fully grasp until we have gone through the experience ourselves. […]

Wow I can’t believe we’re heading into the final week of the internship. Even now, I still feel surprised by new experiences and lessons that India is showing me each day. I think I will really miss the traffic-stopping cowherds, the casual elephant strolling down the street, and the steaming cups of chai prepared conveniently by […]

     Breezing down the promenade along the beach on my rented scooter, I looked around at the old and colorful buildings in purple, yellow, and blue. There is no sand on the beach, but a bed of large black sedimentary rocks, ideal for a traveller to sit down for a quick rest while striking […]

I just had the most amazing weekend getaway, filled with beautiful weather, incredible natural scenery, and some of the most memorable friendships. Early on Saturday afternoon, Abhi, Zach, Erica and I travelled with a personal driver to the beautiful hilltop station known as Kodaikanal. Fair warning: I had way too much fun taking photos so the […]

I can’t believe that I’ve been in India for almost 2 weeks now! It’s been a whirlwind of events since arriving, but I have finally began to adjust to the intricacies of Indian lifestyle. The past 3 days have been some of our most productive since arriving here at Aravind. Work wise, most of our time has […]

Hey guys! I’ve had a blast reading everyone’s blog posts as I was frantically still packing and clearing out of campus housing. Finally, after 3 whole days of travelling, I have arrived in Madurai ready for the adventure of a lifetime. My name is Jane Chen and I am a rising junior studying chemistry and operations management […]