India is thousands of years older than the United States, yet the western world has an enormously pervasive influence on this country. During our trip, Nancy and I visited Amritsar, deciding to visit the Wagah Border, where at sundown each day, Indian and Pakistani Border Security Forces demonstrates feats of military strength. The energy there […]

One billion. Your brain can’t even imagine one billion things at once- the number becomes abstract in its sheer magnitude. India has over one billion residents. Sitting in a seminar about tobacco control interventions, successfully causing cessation in 1% of smokers sounds small, nonsignificant. But when India has over 100 million smokers, helping “just” 1% […]

June 18, 2017 ……. There is an argument in Evolutionary Psychology that humor exists as encryption-decryption process. Being able to understand humor implies a similarity between individuals. The underlying idea is that there is some culture-specific implicit knowledge or “key”; without which, only surface meaning can be interpreted. I am adjusting to life in India, […]

A quick introduction ­—Hey everyone! My name is Ila Sethi and I’ll be interning at the Public Health Foundation in Gurgaon, Haryana with my fellow intern, Nancy. I’m a rising sophomore in the College majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior and minoring in Health Care Management. At Penn, I am part of the Integrated Studies […]